July 26, 2021

Many people are wearing the wron...

At this stage, Beijing is in the epidemic flu season, have you noticed more and more squirting buddies around? The mask is a natural barrier to maintain the respiratory tract and can reasonably prevent diseases. But wearing a mask looks easy, but in fact, there is a lot of knowledge. Take the most common disposable masks, very thin masks actually have two sides, you can tell which side should be rushed in, which side against the outside? Today, we asked the head technician of the Beijing CDC Infectious Diseases Endemic Disease Manipulation Institute, Shi Wei Xian, to introduce to the group the big questions of wearing a mask.

Mask type multi-selected questions compared to choose expensive more critical

Shi Wei Xian details, the mask can give full play to the maximum legal effect, the focus is on the one hand need to see the mask selected right, and then on the one hand mask wear way Right. The guideline for everyone to select a mask is the "sufficient but" standard. How to choose a mask under different conditions? There are various types of masks on the sales market, and they are divided into three categories based on different materials and filtration efficiency.

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Cotton masks are a kind of foot-operated over-consideration masks, which give full play to the over-consideration efficacy according to the layer-by-layer isolation of pure cotton cloth. Cotton masks have the least filtration efficiency, and only fine particles as thick as a hair have some actual effect of blocking, but their breathability and comfort are the best. In the cold winter, when it is cold to go out and have a runny nose, cotton masks are the best choice for better protection against cold and warmth.

Disposable masks are made of non-proof cloth as the key material, and the actual effect is a little higher than cotton masks. When you have a fever and a cold, rush to the hospital, the best choice at this time is this type of disposable medical mask. Disposable medical masks are splash-proof, and there are many atmospheric aerosols of respiratory patients suspended in the air when you go to the hospital, so it is best to wear disposable medical masks for self-protection or to prevent infection. In addition, spring is in full swing, willow flakes are flying all over the sky, allergic rhinitis along with "self-driving". This time, or pick disposable masks. Shi Wei first detailed, for the very fine fine particles, disposable masks safety protection actual effect is not as good as the protective masks. But for very large fine particles, such as anti-smoke, bee pollen, flutter, enough.

Protective masks are the most efficient protective masks. The protective power is high, but at the same time the breathability and water absorption of the mask also decreases, which means that its wearing comfort is reduced, and the wearing time should not be too long. The N95 mask is a common protective mask for everyone, and even if the particle diameter is below 0.3μm, the actual effect can be more than 95%.

The mask "out of the air ventilation" role discount

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Shi Wei first prompted the guys, according to the main use of the right mask is the first step. Below, if the mask is worn wrong, the actual effect will be very much affected. The most important thing is to ensure the seal when wearing the mask, which needs to pick the right model specifications for itself. For example, for children and teenagers, it is good to apply child and teenager type masks that are compatible with different age groups and facial sizes.

When disposable medical masks are worn, the folding surface should be thoroughly carried out, and the mouth, nose and jaws should be thoroughly wrapped up, followed by a tight nasal bridge, so that the mask and the face are thoroughly catered for. Also need to pay attention to the disposable mask has the difference between inside and outside, the light-colored face has moisture-absorbing effect, should be close to the mouth and nose, dark brown face outside.

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Finally teach the guys a small way to check the seal of the mask . Shi Wei first detailed, to test whether the mask is tightly closed with your face, the way very simple, a deep breath, and then quickly blow two breaths, you can find your nose side, mouth side is not leakage of steam.

In addition, we must also remind everyone to pay attention to the first hand washing and disinfection, and then wear a mask. After wearing the mask, you do not have to touch the mask as much as possible. If you must touch it, you need to remember to wash your hands and disinfect it before and after touching it. When removing the mask, do not touch the sides of the mask as much as possible, and remember to wash and disinfect the mask immediately after removing it. Disposable medical masks should not be reused as many times as possible. Once the mask is broken or dirty, it must be immediately removed and replaced with a new mask.

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